The people behind Active Translators

We have built a truly strong team here, at Active Translators. Their skills, experience, and ability to build and manage teams are instrumental in achieving business goals and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

A little bit about us

Founded by Paraschiva, a skilled translator, and Florin, an experienced engineer, our company quickly made strides, working on major projects due to the DACIA factory’s international expansion. We later diversified into medical translations, earning our first ISO certification in 2011.

Only now, 18 years later, our team grew to include highly skilled linguists, project managers, quality assurance professionals and qualified interprets, allowing us to transition from a single language provider to a Multiple-language Service Provider, capable of offering over 75 language combinations.  Recently, we’ve expanded our services to include third-party project management, highlighting our adaptability in the dynamic translation industry.

Our mission

What truly differentiates us is our strong emphasis on establishing lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that by truly caring for both our clients and our team, we can create the right atmosphere for continuous success and development.

From Timișoara, with love

Timișoara is now the second Romanian city to be chosen as a European Capital of Culture, after Sibiu received this honour in 2007. It’s no doubt it will rise to the challenge.

The city is now part of what has become one of the most ambitious cultural projects of the European Union, giving EU neighbours the opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultures through cultural dialogue.

Discover Our Team

Paraschiva BLOJU

Managing Director

Ondina Duda

Operations Manager

Florin BLOJU

Financial Director

Certified members of top organisations

Through our membership in these professional associations, we are part of a professional network of companies in the field, and it helps us stay up to date with everything new in the field of multilingual commuication. Moreover, we are proud to be holders of two official ISO certifications.

Join our team!

We are always looking to increase our pool of freelancers offering different languages and specializations. If you are a talented and diligent professional, we look forward to hearing from you.

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