Multilingual Projects

for Companies

Does your company do business internationally and do you need a language service provider who is able to respond to your on- and offline multilingual requirements quickly and efficiently?

We efficiently manage translation projects in the most required language combinations. The workflow included in the calculated price is customized and perfectly tailored to your project. We provide an effective system for selecting the necessary workflow for each project. Contact us in order to provide you with the list of options available for each project.

We translate from/to:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Bulgarian
  • Romanian
  • Hungarian
  • Portuguese
  • Czech
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Croatian
  • Turkish
  • Serbian
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Slovak
  • Arabic

We can also outsource any other language combination you may need.

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Types of texts

Marketing copy

To build or strengthen brand identity, to venture into new markets and capture customers’ attention worldwide, marketing material needs to be not just translated but localized. To be eye-catching your copy needs to pack a punch!

Of course, you want your message to be as accurate as possible, but at the same token it also has to attract your target audience, hence the respective local standards and culture must be taken into consideration. In the translation industry this is called “localization” – it is more than translating 1:1 – the translator has to have an intricate knowledge of the local market and the national culture to be able to inject the right linguistic subtleties, use everyday language, ‘figure of speech’, idioms or ‘play on words’. Creative copywriting is what is needed here!

Our translators and proofreaders have been carefully screened and selected for these qualities so that your messages ‘hit home’ and your copy reads naturally to native speakers.

No matter what you require – presentations, brochures, flyers, press releases, or websites – we’re here to help.

Medical copy

Patients, doctors, healthcare practitioners – when it comes to medical copy, accuracy is of the utmost importance. After all, it’s someone’s life that may be at stake!

When we assign translators work in the medical field, we make sure they have experience in this field and are keenly aware of their responsibility.

Texts need to be extremely precise, but clear and easy to understand, too. Mere translation knowledge alone is not enough. For medical texts, the translator needs to know medical terminology and this is why some medical background is very helpful here.

We have many years’ experience translating the following documents, amongst others:

  • medical devices and equipment (manuals, IFU, appendices, medical promotional materials, UI)
  • clinical trials (patient instructions, protocols, questionnaires, research reports)

Technical copy

By their very nature, technical translations include all manner of documents:

Operating manuals, user guides, material safety data sheets, certificates of conformity, product information and labelling, technical prototyping, patent applications – the list is endless.

Technical translations involve highly specialized texts, so a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology is a must.

At Active Translators we are always striving for excellence and we do our utmost to select a team of translators and proofreaders/editors that have the right experience for the job at hand. Our selection criteria include: native speaker of the target language, knowledge in the respective technical area, and a sound understanding of the source text. The result is a target copy that is clear and easy to understand for the end user. In technical translations there is a greater need for terminology consistency than, let’s say in marketing texts. That’s why our teams use the glossaries and translation memories or term bases supplied by you. If you don’t yet have any of these, the translator can, upon request, compile a glossary that you, the client then checks and confirms. This is to ensure that the final copy meets the exact needs, while the glossaries or term bases may be used in subsequent translations. It forms a crucial aid for all future translations, since highly specialized engineering translation jobs cannot always be matched with a translator that has the precise technical background. Here close cooperation between our team of translators and the client side is important. In an ideal world we would want an engineer or technician to be at hand to explain the intricacies of the terminology used on your factory floor or in your industry.

In technical copy accuracy is paramount. An ambiguity or mistake could result in damages, accidents and potentially in costly litigation. Cooperation between all parties involved is key and, in this respect, Active Translators is second to none!

Multilingual projects. Translation from/to English/German/Spanish

Translation from/to Italian / French / Russian / Serbian / Hungarian / Bulgarian / Croatian.
Translation from/to English/German/Spanish. Multilingual projects.