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Traditional interpreting services, where client and interpreter are in the same place, are just as much part of our portfolio as is remote interpreting via cloud-based platforms. These make it possible to communicate anywhere at anytime without the associated extra costs for travelling to a venue, booking overnight accommodation and paying for several peoples’ subsistence allowance.

This option requires a stable internet connection. Communication takes place through video/audio, for instance in form of a Skype conference call, and can be done anywhere using a PC or mobile device.

It is suitable for conferences and workshops that are held in various languages, without a limit to the number of interpreters involved at the event.

The benefit: zero costs for transportation, accommodation or interpreter booth rental.

Just send us an email with the details of your planned event and we will come back to you with our non-binding offer.

Dolmetscher für Seminare und Konferenzen

Interpreting services with professional interpreters for any event

Interpreting services with professional interpreters for any event. We also offer remote interpreting services via video/audio transmission.
Interpreting services