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New languages bring new customers.
Does your website speak their language?

  • Statistics show that 72,1% customers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language, according to CSA research.
  • More than half of consumers are willing to pay more if they receive information in their own languages.

Founded in 2005 by a professional translator and an engineer, Active Translators’ aim has always been to deliver outstanding language services.

Our success is to a large extent based on the commitment of our team: honest, respectful and dedicated is what marks our team out. Open communication with our customers is the foundation for successful project outcomes.

We pride ourselves on delivering consistently high quality and on keeping to deadlines, while at the same time keeping costs down.

Our main office is based in Timișoara, one of Romania’s major cities, where our strong, highly-qualified team ensures the efficient coordination, quality assurance and project management for many language combinations.


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Machine translation programmes on the Internet, such as Google Translate, can help you understand what a text is about and may also be helpful in certain practical real-life situations. However, in order to professionally present your company, or your products, nothing can replace qualified translators and the human touch. Conveying the right messages between different cultures and languages requires much more than just translating words from one language into another. Qualified and experienced translators are able to ensure you avoid misunderstandings or even embarrassing yourself, or errors that may turn out costly or result in losing the contract.

Doing Business in Romania

You are thinking about doing business with or in Romania?

In this case you need information . . .
or maybe you are looking for business partners,
or maybe you want to open a branch in this country. . .

Our name, “Active Translators”, aims to reflect our main characteristics: being flexible and pro-active! We can help you with a number of preliminary services and vital first-step information as regards Romania and how business is done here, such as finding business contacts, lawyers, doctors, legal information, hotline services, to name but a few – our team is rearing to go and at your service.


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Tailor-made language services

selectable according to project and purpose, ISO 17100 certified, translation and interpretation, fields of technology and medicine.
Tailor-made language services - Active Translators